JUCH Lookbook

The 5 Elements

Element of FIRE

Purchasing a pair of Element FIRE will help fight bush fires. Each year 1500 bush fires happen in Senegal which typically occurs during the dry season. Most fires are started by farmers on purpose in order to clear land or be used by some hunters and poachers to cut down or to hunt.

Element of WOOD

Purchasing Element of WOOD will help the reforestation efforts of mangroves and forests by planting mangrove seeds near the villages. The creation of nurseries for fruit trees and local species (mango, ditakh, lemon, papaya, etc.)

Element of WATER

Safeguarding fishing areas, marine animals in Senegal and fighting waste at sea is what you will support when you purchase a pair of WATER Element. Reproduction of different marine species (fish, shellfish, crustaceans, algae, marine mammals, etc.) through various programs like creation of artificial reefs, protection of shoreline and more.

Element of METAL

You will be supporting the construction of wells with drinking water that isn't contaminated by heavy metals and pathogenic bacteria if you choose to purchase a pair of the METAL Element.

Element of EARTH

Purchasing a pair of EARTH Element will help fight against drought and desertification through reforestation. Agricultural land is becoming scarcer and malnourishment is increasing in the arid zones of sub-Saharan Africa where water retention is low and soils are vulnerable to natural and human destruction. It will also support ecological restoration through land reforestation.