We are on a mission

to serve people who wants to make an impact in this world

Charles & Julia started JUCH to revolutionize the shoe industry from crafting fast-fashion that hurts mother nature due to waste and garbage thrown by shoe manufacturers yearly.

That’s why two years ago, JUCH has been changing the shoe industry for the last six years on how we consume and approach sustainability and fashion. 

We decided to change the way we work with JUCH. Our first objective was to stop using leather and find a better solution for the planet that guarantees you a shoe that has longevity, versatile, sustainable, washable, eco-friendly and provides comfort to your feet.

Along the way, we were able to achieve our breakthrough and invented a shoe that lasts for a lifetime and achieves sustainability.




Plastic Bottles

Natural Latex


the everyday shoe


We want to prove it to the world that comfort, good design, and sustainability don't have to be mutually exclusive. Serving you as the driving force in a new age of sustainable manufacturing, JUCH will craft products that you will feel good in, and good about with premium natural and recycled materials.