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The Lovebirds



It is the part of the pair that has its feet on the ground. Perfectionist and creative, she surprises us with her unexpected choice of colours and an efficient design in all simplicity.



He is the dreamer. His love for the brand gives him a strong motivation. It is thanks to him that we find JUCH in the most trendy Parisian concept stores.

In the JUCH team, we are not great literary people, but here is a quote that is close to our hearts:

Man was born to work, like a bird to fly

It represents our journey and what we are fighting for. The team bends over backwards to make sure you wear the most beautiful sneakers in Paris. We are working hard and we are proud to see that this is paying off. The inseparable fly higher and higher and establish more and more nests in the world.

And you? Which quote would best define you?

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