Element 0 - Water Sneaker
Element 0 - Water Sneaker
Element 0 - Water Sneaker
Element 0 - Water Sneaker
Element 0 - Water Sneaker
Element 0 - Water Sneaker
Element 0 - Water Sneaker
Element 0 - Water Sneaker

Element 0 - Water Sneaker

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A pair of shoes that provides comfort and durability all while...saving our planet.

Our goal is to give you a pair of sneakers that you can wear casually and in business settings, so you can stay fashionable while respecting mother nature and provide you these privileges:

  • Durability-Made of natural and durable material so you can walk, run and jump from any terrain and surface in all years to come.

  • Breathability & Anti-Odor-With or without socks, you’ll feel confident because our shoes are made of natural fibers that filter out your sweat.
  • Water Repellant-Never ever worry about rainy days; Element 0 keeps your feet dry!
  • Slip-On Technology- Do you struggle to put in your shoes? We heard you; Element 0 includes a built-in sock that adapts to the shape of your feet so you can quickly wear it.
  • Machine Washable- We provide a free shoe bag that you can use to wash your shoes in the washing machine easily.

Not just that, we made a big step to partner with Oceanium ( a Senegalese organization that works on saving the planet).

Using Element 0-Water, you choose to act on helping safeguard the fishing areas, marine animals in Senegal, and fighting waste at sea.

We can’t wait to have you in our community of environmentalists, naturalists, engineers, freelancers, and everyone who cares for our planet and its fashion.


Material Overview

We have carefully chosen the materials for our products to ensure its quality, sustainability and eco-friendly.

Socks and Laces

They are made out of plastic bottles and fishing nets thrown into the sea. Both makes the shoe extremely light and comfortable.


From microfiber (tanned with water) and polyammide. Its soft, sophisticated and cool to the skin stronger than leather. Its animal free.


Made from cork that makes the shoe resistant and durable as leather but 3 times lighter. It is completely organic and ethical.


Made from rubber and cork. They made Element 0 extremely strong, impact proof and resistant. Also makes the shoe easy to clean.

Removable insole

Made from corn flour, wood, wool, natural latex (Lactae hevea) that offer unparalleled odor control allowing you to go sock-less. Highly breathable.