Keeps your feet in paradise

Element 0 - The everyday shoe of tomorrow



Don't take our word for it


"One of my biggest struggles when packing for a long business trip is finding the perfect shoes. With Element 0, I found the perfect mix with elegance and comfort! Furthermore, I can wash my sneakers and have a fresh sneakers for my flight back"

Adrien Chauveau

Independent Magician


"I use them a lot to travel with. Julia and Charles have perfectly understood the modern world. Comfortable, smart & washable! If I had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, I would choose Element 0 as they're perfect with jeans or a suit."

Tony Guillard

International Trainer -Shiseido


"At my age, I can no longer wear the shoes I used to love. With Element 0, I found the perfect shoes for me and my bunion and I don't have pain anymore. What I really like as well is that I can slip the shoes on"

Nicole Climent Galant



"I've been lucky to try ELEMENT 0 through my passion for cliff diving and I am going to keep these shoes. They're amazing to swim and climb up the cliff with as the soles are so strong. I also wear them in the evening with pants."

Valentin Geoffroy



"The best feature is the stretch upper that allows me to wear them without hurting my bunion. I've been wearing ELEMENT 0 for almost 2 months, and after a few washes, they're still fresh and wonderful!"

Anette Caumont

Jewelry Designer


"I've been a podiatrist in Paris for 38 years. These shoes are a massive development in terms of your feet's comfort and health."

Barbier Lionel



Love what you wear


Water repellent

Don't be scared to go out on a rainy day. Element 0 is made out of materials which are naturally water repellent. Yep! They keep your feet dry.

Breathability & Anti odor

With or without socks, there's no smell. Our insole is made from natural fibers naturally filters out your sweat. Enjoy your fresh sneakers.

Slip on Technology

Your feet and fingers gradually become deformed with traditional shoes. Our SLIP-ON design includes a sock that adapts to the shape of your feet.